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Congrats to our awesome patron, Sabrith, featuring R4′s Dullahan OC Orphelia. Lines: bbc-chan Colors: taboolicious (yours truly) consider supporting us for comics and sexy images!!!

Happy Easter 2018!!

happy easter 2018 folks!!! hope you had a good time ^^ wallpapers (alt version included): 1920×1080 1920×1200

Callie Briggs

this was February’s request that our cool friend YoBie won, GG dude! 😀 Lines:BBCchan Colors:Taboolicious


this was January’s request that our cool friend QuantumNukaCola won, GG ! 😀 Lines:BBCchan Colors:Taboolicious

Merry Christmas 2017

a little bit late, but still merry christmas, hanuka, kuanza, saturnalia, what ever holiday is that you celebrate doesn’t matter, let us celebrate the joy and happiness this season represents. thank you all guys 🙂


long overdue post, this was July’s request that our cool friend Alphina won, GG  Alphi! 😀 Lines:BBCchan Colors:Taboolicious

Jessie’s trouble

Congrats to our awesome patron, Yobie for winning this month’s collab request!!! Just totodile being friendly XD Lines: bbc-chan Colors: taboolicious

My little rarity

so yeah, way different stuff I think, but hey, I really wanted to get rid of the Pony itch I only colored this, but I actually took Bigdad’s sketch, which you can watch >>>HERE<<<

Jessica Rabbit

just something I did real quick today, during stream, nothing much to add really hope you dig

Juicy and plump peach

who wants some extra juicy and plump peach? Monthly Patreon request, the Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown congrats Hekotin! Support if you feel so inclined 🙂 lines : bbc-chan color : Taboo

Those Meddling Tits

Daphne & Velma investigating each other. Lineart: bbcchan Coloring: Taboolicious If you like what we do and want to see more consider supporting us @

Gear Malfunction

Meridiana from: Lineart: bbc-chan​ Coloring: Taboolicious Meridiana: mithos56​ If you like what we do and want to see more consider supporting us @


Amy original OC: Dick Nation