Sib Secret

For geeky Jeff Scott, knights, magic and videogames are a reality and losing his virginity is a fantasy. As if being an inadequate nerd weren’t enough, he lives next door to the hottest (and sluttiest) pair of twins this side of Babylon, who don’t spare opportunity to mess with him. It’s a tough life for Jeff, perhaps his sister could lend him a hand or relief?

Code Blue

During his time recuperating from an accident that rendered him immobile for 2 weeks, nerdy Jeff finds out the hard way that his older sister Valerie, a nurse in the same hospital he was admitted, has a very peculiar healing therapy.

Code Red

A couple of weeks after his accident, Jeff’s privacy is abruptly disturbed by another redhead with too much fire in her, is there no rest for our nerdy friend? and what are Roxy’s intentions?